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Remembering the beautiful Jakarta in Sunda Kelapa

Remembering the beautiful Jakarta in Sunda Kelapa
Promoting tourism in Jakarta would be insufficient without mentioning The Sunda Kelapa, where the history of this Indonesian capital city began. It is a seaside town which became the beginning of Jakarta until today.

Located in Northern Jakarta, the port of Sunda Kelapa has been existing for hundreds of years, along with the Pasar Ikan (Fish Market) and Museum Bahari (The Maritime Museum) in its surroundings.
History states that Sunda Kelapa was the royal port town of Pajajaran, directly connected to the court house by the river Ciliwung. It is also closely related to the Portuguese, who invaded Malaka in 1511. But only in 1522, Governor D'Albuquerque sent his men to Pajajaran on a peaceful mission, in order to attain permission to build a fortress in Sunda Kelapa.
Nevertheless, before the Portuguese sucessfully built the fortress, Sunda Kelapa was defeated by Fatahillah in 1527. The Portuguese Navy was cornered in Jakarta bay, and ever since then Sunda Kelapa was known as Jayakarta. It was said that the incident happened on June 22, and now the date is recoginzed as the anniversary day of Jakarta.
Besides the traces of Portuguese army, there is also a very significant sign of the Dutch colonialism in Jakarta. The Kasteel Batavia, old warehouses and former offices of the Dutch North Indies Trading company are parts of the Sunda Kelapa history.
A visit to Sunda Kelapa will allow us to watch directly the typical activity of the old port in the past. While old buildings still standing around this attraction complement the whole experience, not to mention the liveliness of fishermen offering their catches of the day in the oldest fish market in Indonesia, the Pasar Ikan.
Looking over to the coast line, Phinisi the Bugis Schooners sail above the water or quietly rest by the dock, creating a classic view that moves hearts, as they are the very schooners which sails the Archipelago carrying goods.
From where we are heading, from this very historical place, the Marina Batavia Sunda Kelapa, we are contributing respect to our maritime tradition.

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