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The Summary

1.Road Transport:is a transport on Roads that is the most wide transport over land and not a railway transport

Highway:roads made for travel by the public between important places,such as cities ,towns and landmarks

Type of Road transportation:-Motorcycle -bicyle
-Car -Bus

2.How To Prepare ar for Your Road Trip
1 Month before you go;
-check the coolant
-check the tires
-get any major repairs done
-check the spare tire
-check the air filter
1 week before you go:
-clean your car
-check and change the tire pressure
-fill the tank
-buy a road atlas
The day for your trip
-check what you’ve packed

Safety tips for your road trip ;
-Pay attention
-Stay alert
-Yield anyway
-Don’t speed
-wear your seatbealts
-don’t run red lights
-drive precisely
Plotting your course
You must plan your trip you must know what your trip is for and if you’ve done that find as many details for your destination and find any possible routes to there.

With your plan set and the trip is rambling in your mind ,nowis the time to make sure reality is on the same page.

3.Safety tips for traveling by taxi

Call to order taxi
This is the safest way to travel by taxi especially when you’re traveling in the night. This also insures that your data base. This assist the taxi firm to keep track of orders , drivers and also helps in tracing belongings that is left behind in the vehicle.

Hailing aTaxi on the street:
Make sure that the driver have the same face as he is on the ID card,if the drier tries to bargain and he claims that the mater is broken get out of the car.

Taking a Taxi at a taxi stand:
Be cautious when you are takin a taxi on a stand usually these taxi’s tries to bargain for arate and refuse to go short distance,if that happens find another taxi.

Taking a taxi from an airport:
Never accept transportation from brokers who approach you offering you to drive through town,it can be very risky because those are illeal transportations.

Broken down vehicle
If the taxi broke down ask the driver to call for a replacement vehicle.

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