Senin, 29 Oktober 2007


Jakarta, October 22, 2007

Human Resources Department
Menara Kebun Sirih

Dear Sir / Madame :

In hope you have a vacancy at your company, herewith I offer my qualifications for your consideration. I am 23 years old and studied in Sahid University majoring Public Relations Officer.

I am mature and easy to learn, able to speak English fluently, can operate PC/ MS Office and working as a team. With excellent communications, management skill, expert to prepare and analyze public opinion for company profile to build a good company image, company advertising, company publishing, and other related work. I able to work as a team and able to meet tight deadlines. I’m easy to learn and adapt for any new job, also make a good appearance and get a long exceedingly well with people.
I will give my best effort an bring more than speed and efficiency to the job.

Please find enclosed my CV. Hoping that you will give me an opportunity for an interview. You can contact me by phone ( 021-/ 021-) or at the address above, I am looking forward to hearing from you and thank for your consideration.

Sincerely your,

Galuh Chandra Kirana

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